Miller’s Blog is written entirely by Linda Miller, 40 years old, housewife, mother, dabbler in all things and pretty good baker.

My children are Samantha aged 6 and Rufus aged 10. We live in a small village outside Woking and have a lot of fun.

I like to have a colourful garden but I don’t like gardening in the traditional way because it’s too hard on the knees, so at this time of year I’m very busy planting up pots. I have two large patio areas so it takes a lot of hard work. But in July, August and September we have a gloriously colourful display.

Every year I experiment with a few new plants, but the following year I’ve completely forgotten which ones did best. I’ve tried writing it up in a book but just didn’t keep it up.

So my new idea is to keep a blog, documenting and photographing my efforts and showing which baskets and pots are the most successful. A few even go on from year-to-year, so I’m hoping I can refer back to this blog next year and maybe save some time and money.