Who would have thought spring 2017 would have come around so fast?

I’ve been remiss. All winter I’ve been working on my new business so I’ve had to spend a lot of time setting up everything.  And what a headache it has all been.

First was sorting out  all my bills. I started off with the gas and electricity and was fortunate to be introduced to a very nice lady from the Utility Warehouse.  I say lucky because she also took care of my new mobile phone and sorted out my broadband problems. So that was a load off my mind.

Next was insurances, including my life assurance which needed looking at. Then on to all the other things that clutter our lives. I sorted all my ISAs and other financial goings on so everything is ship-shape now.

I wanted to have everything cleared so I could concentrate on business. And since you ask, it’s going very well!  I’m enjoying working from home because it gives me more free time. No more commute, which was wasting over 2 hours a day, so now the lighter evenings are here I can spend more time on the garden and back to the original theme of my blog.

We’ve had a few sunny days so I’ve been able to clear out the patio, sweep all the autum leaves from under the tables and have a general clear out. I’m not too good at tidying up in the autumn, so it has to be done in the spring.

I’ve moved all the tender plants out from their protected spots near the house, so I’m hoping we don’t have a late frost. Everything has been watered as we’re not getting much rain and I’m hoping some stuff will have survived from last year.

So far the agapanthus is looking good, sprouting lots of healthy-looking leaves so I’m hoping it will grow well. There’s another shrub that seems to be thriving. Only trouble is that I have no idea what it is. I think it’s a cutting I took from a bush in the village, but unfortunately I don’t know what it is. However, I plan to plant it on the bank and hopefully it’ll grow well.

The hydrangeas are in leaf bud and looking healthy and the clematis are looking very good, as are the camelias, which are in full bloom. They’re not in pots though.

I have a lot of pots and hanging baskets that contained geraniums. They were all wrapped in bubble wrap and placed against the house, but they aren’t looking very happy 🙁  Nothing sprouting as yet but I’ll keep them watered and hope for the best.

The rose I have in a lovely blue pot is doing very well with lots of new growth and it looks very healthy indeed. Result – because I’m hopeless with roses for some reason.

Everything else has been watered and we’ll just have to wait to see what happens. It’s still very early of course so I’ll wait with bated breath to see whether any of the fuscias survive.


Easter 2017