My posts are like buses!  Nothing for ages, then they all come along at once lol.

Just had a couple of mins to add in some of the stuff I forgot yesterday.

The hydrangea at the side of the patio is looking wonderful this year – absolutely covered with pink blossom (again, there will be pics – please be patient dear reader). The blooms aren’t huge, but they are prolific.

The pierris is looking great. It’s in a pretty large pot and I don’t think there’s any way I could repot it – even if I could afford a larger one – but it seems to be doing fine. Looked a bit bedraggled with dead bits a couple of months ago but I’ve fed it an it’s covered in new shoots.

My largest hebe is just coming into bloom and is looking good. But the two new ones I bought that have a darker leaf with a hint of pink, somehow don’t look wonderful.  One I had from a winter basket but I only realised it was a hebe when I bought another one that was labelled. Shan’t bother again with those.

I have some trailing begonia that I bought from Homebase for £2 for a pack of 6. Gave away 2 and one filled a space vacated by a dead petunia in a hanging basket. The other 3 I planted in a planter. I think they’ll soon look lovely, even though I was very late planting them out.

My 2 clematis continue to struggle – I don’t think they really thrive in pots. Unfortunately the beautiful Jackmanii in the front hedge was cut down when the hedge was hacked back for the new fence. Of course it may reappear next year if it was cut off at ground level but in any case I’ll probably plant another one or two. I miss it’s beautiful purple blooms tumbling through the trees on to the verge.

I’ve bought a new tree surgery book. Looks really good and I’ll report back next time when I’ve managed to read some of it and evaluate its worth.

Ok this was a quick update – need to finish feeding my precious pots!

Back soon…

Quick update