It’s July now – where has the time gone and why haven’t I updated the blog?

Well we’ve had some tree surgery done by some very professional guys, Checkatrade tree surgeons in Horsham, who cut back some dead branches and removed an old apple tree and three other misplaced trees. This has left more room for planting and even a space where I can put some large tubs!

Meanwhile all the flowers are coming along well, although they seem to be later this year. At last we have some nice sunny weather over the last couple of weeks so everything is starting to look better.

Remember that geranium I bought for £3?  It’s huge and has at least 12 clusters of buds. It’s going to be magnificent and I’m hoping it’ll look good for our annual barbecue next week.  I’ll post some photos soon – I’m just not very good at getting them from the phone to the computer so I can upload them on to the blog!

I’m determined to plant things that deer don’t like next year. Now that the apples are ripening they’re attracted into the garden even more. They’ve eaten petunias and begonias at the front of the house and I’m hoping they don’t come to the back patios because it’s like a luxury all-you-can-eat buffet at the moment.

They actually pull the petunias out by the roots in most cases. They haven’t touched the fuschias yet – but I know from experience that they’re waiting for the delicious flowers to open before they’re tempted.

We have a lot of deer around this year, including a mum and baby. They’re becoming so unafraid of humans that I can stand outside by the fence and yell at them only 20 feet away and they simply stare. Foxes are the same – why are the local wildlife changing so much?  They used to be terrified of humans.

My hanging basked of million bells, which was a birthday present, was absolutely beautiful, but it’s gone through a weird patch and now looks about 1/3 dead. Just all over looking less healthy, though I’ve kept it watered and fed. Shame because it was beautiful.

The agapanthus has 6 blooms this year which are just starting to open. It’s such a pretty plant. Last year I think it had 11 or 13, but maybe this is an off year. The blooms don’t look as large either.

Meanwhile the old apple tree is laden with fruit. Usually the birds, wasps, squirrels and deer polish off the lot before they’re even ripe. Luckily they’re not very nice so I don’t usually mind. I think it’s Beauty of Bath and they’re a bit mushy for my liking. However, I now have a juicer (in an attempt to lose weight!) so I thought I could make apple juice for the barbecue. It’ll probably be sour so I’ll have to add some sweeter fruit, but might make a change from all the manufactured, sugar-rich rubbish.

I’ll be reporting back after the bbq, or maybe even before if I get 10 minutes. I really need to discipline myself or the blog will be pointless 🙂

July in the flower pot garden