Plants can be pretty expensive so I’m always on the lookout for some bargains to supplement my planting.

I’ve found that if you regularly visit some of the DIY stores, they frequently have plants reduced. I think it’s because they don’t have the expertise and resources to look after them as well as garden centres. You’ll get to know when your local stores have the best bargains and can sneak in before everyone else.

Just this morning I popped into a store to see whether they had anything on sale. It was 8.30 and raining, so I was the only one there on the hunt!

And it paid off because there were lots of plants that weren’t at their best but with a little love and care could be resuscitated. Of course you have to be pretty choosy because some of them aren’t worth having, but if you hunt through you’ll probably find some bargains.

This morning I found a lovely large pot of geraniums (perargoniums) for just £3 – I think they were originally £8. I brought them home, repotted in a large patio container and watered well. Tomorrow I’ll feed them. They make a lovely pot that will be full of colour in a couple of weeks.

I also found a pack of 6 trailing begonias. You need to be choosy because some of these packs have only 2 or 3 plants still alive. I think what happens is that they water plants on shelves and the ones at the back don’t get any water. So sift through until you find packs that have 5 or 6 healthy plants. They may be a bit pot-bound but that won’t matter if they’re healthy. I only paid £1 for those 6 plants, which will fill 2 hanging baskets with colour for the entire summer.

I found a lovely small hebe, not the common type but one that looks a bit more interesting. I’ve repotted it into a large container and I’m sure it’ll make a lovely shrub over the summer. It cost £2.

Alongside those already mentioned, I found a hanging basket that just needs a feed and some TLC to turn it into a ball of colour. It contains purple trailing petunias that should look lovely in 2 or 3 weeks. It’s not huge but a bargain at only £2 instead of the original £7.50.

There were a couple of other items and in total I spent £16.  I reckon they would have come to at least £50 if I’d paid the full price.

And somehow there’s an additional satisfaction in getting something really cheap and bringing it on. I have a beautiful camelia which has just finished blooming. It’s a lovely pink and was covered with blooms this year. It’s in a pot and a good size.  I bought it 2 years ago when it had finished blooming for just £5, so it’s lovely to see how it has blossomed.

So pop into your local DIY stores and supermarkets and see what bargains you can pick up to enhance your garden.


Getting some bargains